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Sneaking Veggies in NFL Super Star Odell Beckham Jr 's food

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t like water. Nor does he like mushrooms, onions, carrots or tuna.

In fact, the Giants’ wide receiver, famed for his on- and off-the-field flamboyance, has a pretty particular palate.

Luckily, the self-proclaimed picky eater has help on his side: his at-home chef, Renee Blackman, who’s been stealthily introducing him to a more adventurous and healthy relationship with food in the three months since she started cooking in his Bergen County, NJ, kitchen. Blackman has so far swayed the $95-million man to eat less like a kid — even if part of her job is stocking two drawers in his kitchen with snacks and candy, including Snickers, Sour Patch Kids and Cheez-Its.

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